• 28.03.2022
  • 12:09
Rapeseed has the potential to become the leading source of plant protein

To live a healthy and well-balanced life, protein is essential to incorporate in our diets. However, with a growing global…

  • 16.03.2022
  • 9:01
Sustainable practice: Population growth and the value of plant proteins

Since 2019, NapiFeryn Biotech has been involved with the Horizon 2020 (H2020) SME Instrument. The funding and support received from…

  • 09.03.2022
  • 1:50
How a change in consumer behaviour is driving corporate companies to extract more value from grains and oilseeds as protein alternatives.

We are well aware that plant-based products have gained a reputation of being “alternative-protein sources” to that of animal-based products….

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