Rapeseed Protein | A Sustainable Source Of Plant Protein (360 Video)

  • 03.11.2020
  • 1:43

Have you known that there is something more about #rapeseed than the oil?
Let us introduce you the rising star 🌟 of the future food industry: The Rapeseed Protein🌿🌱made from the byproduct of pressing of the oil – rapeseed cake!

🎬 NapiFeryn BioTech proudly presents: The #FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series 'Rapeseed Protein | A Sustainable Source Of Plant Protein (360 Video)’.
Prepare your #VR Gogles and enjoy the movie!

Special thanks to:

EIT Food
Creative Flow, Agnieszka Tamborska
Matís Iceland, Justine Vanhalst
Holly Kristinsson, PhD.
Katarzyna Biniek
Aleksandra Ciepłoch
Sergiusz Wasilewski
All the NapiFeryn BioTech team
And everyone else, who helped making this happen!

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